Big, Bold, and Beautiful Woman

Chasing down a cab only to be rejected
Clouds of dreams
Turned in and detected
Nothing to whine about she remains calm, cool, and collected
Devoured heart
Drenched and burned
Light and loved
Ripped and torn
Fancy silk putting her back together again
Soul who loves and wants
A cry you can hear forever
One who loves to laugh
and sometimes cry
Fueled remedies she anxiously awaits to share
A tool box of glistening and rusty tools
All her time – there for you


Don’t Forget Her


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She works hard all day and came home to make you dinner

Although you were grateful you still did not see her

She cleaned the house and set fresh flowers on the table

Creating a cozy haven for you to come home to after a long day

You saw the flowers but you still did not see her

She wore your favorite dress in hopes to once again impress, but all the way to the car, and from the restaurant returning back home again… You still did not see her

Every day she sits and she waits

Yet, you still do not see her

A few years have gone by

And one day, with an alarming tear and an indelible smile, she found herself

And you haven’t seen her since

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015

Marked Out

Ex you out
That’s how they do it
Sign the paper
New last name
Change all you have ever known
Telling yourself – “This is a good thing…it’s the Right thing to do”
Forcing yourself to never look back
Changing the station when you hear that song
Styling your hair however you like now
Cooking what you want at 1:00 A.M. in the morning
Leaving the dish in the sink overnight
Smiling because you can
Swearing you are someone else
The girl you once knew, she’s still there
Go get to know her again
Promise to never be bitter

By Elizabeth Mendiola