All Along

Moments –
Some come in
Some leave too soon

How long will one be around to hold?

Covering your ears
Ceasing the light in your eyes

Tearing down walls that all along were lies
You are beautiful
You are strong
You are more than you have known all along

Written By
Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright Protected 2017


You Love

When everything is going right
You love

When all is well
You love

When you are hurting and none oblige
You love

When you simply cannot take it anymore
You love

When all else fails and everyone leaves
You love

When you walk alone
In the storm
You love

When home is no longer a home
You love

When dreams wither through
You love

When air becomes stale and there’s none avail
You love

When your greatest strength is dipped in weakness
You love

When rejection is a common friend
You love

When faith gives you face
You love

You love
And you love again

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014

Straight Lines and Jags

Upon her body lies a story
A chronicle of her time
There are lines
Some are perfect in their length and stare
Some are jagged with a roughness in their glare
A few you will know
And even predict
Yet you will never ask how she was whipped
Only a barrel
One with drips of water
Knows her every cue
Deep inside
Remain colors of blue
A remnant of yesterday
And maybe today
Her book to be told
Is greater than gold
For it will never be sold

Written by
Elizabeth Mendiola