All Along

Moments –
Some come in
Some leave too soon

How long will one be around to hold?

Covering your ears
Ceasing the light in your eyes

Tearing down walls that all along were lies
You are beautiful
You are strong
You are more than you have known all along

Written By
Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright Protected 2017


Needle and Thread

Pulling thread through a needle takes a moment, they say
So as she delicately threaded
She beheaded all the thoughts which came to her mind

Taunting words – many were unkind

Folded in her memory
Neatly stacked and unrhymed
One by one she began to unfold where a happy heart could eventually mold

Moments go by and there she is
Nimble with a bit of wit
No ailing to her humble motif
This woman cannot falter
Her faith and love are greater
More than she knows to ever hold true

Oh sweet and somber you

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2016

All Your You’s

Busy scenes of day dreams
Those ones which take you farther than you ever meant to go

Pondering rebuttals of questions unanswered
Simmering truths grappling to make way through any open door
Cries heard only at night when you are sleeping

Crows hollering in the wind and how you wish they would stop
Climbing another mountain never felt quite this easy
Countless times of looking back asking yourself if you are sure

Memories sank to the bottom
Leave them there, they will be alright

Teaching you
Your most difficult challenge

Taking turns with your inner You’s
They are all different and yet, all alike
Not always liking who appears

But you know you have to love all the You’s anyway (or, at least try to)

By Elizabeth Mendiola