73 Years Old

A coffin doesn’t scream as loud when you allow the ears of your soul to block out the noise

Peace strengthens a lost child of 73 years old

One who still yearns for her mother

A mother she loved

Yet she never told

A 73 year-old daughter cries at night when no one else sees

Recipes she cooks – only to feel closer

Her mother

Death she suffered by a careless hand

Breathe free beautiful one

The Son who loves

He forgives

Leaving nothing else for you to dig

Written By
Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2017


What is a Poem (he asked)?

Anything you want it to be

It comes from deep within

Below the surface of your soul

A place in which maybe you have never been to before

A hollow heart is tough to carve out

So, until you find the printed bricks, the ones without a home, you can begin by placing them in their place

Your descriptive words will always create their trace

One by one – where flowing lines grow

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2016


Confused and delayed
A mission of complete dismay
One which should have never taken place
But now it is too late
Mission accomplished
and all too late
Too late to covet thy neighbor
No sorrow in lost gems
Only the stars can shine this bright
You are only a dot in a pattern of lies
Ones you believed

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2016

No Consciente

Confusión y retraso
A misión de completa consternación
uno que nunca debería haber tenido lugar
pero ahora es demasiado tarde
misión cumplida
todo demasiado tarde demasiado tarde a no codiciar a tu vecino
dolor perdido gemas
que sólo las estrellas pueden brillar esta brillante
estás a sólo un punto en un patrón de mentiras
que usted cree

Escrito Por Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2016