All Along

Moments –
Some come in
Some leave too soon

How long will one be around to hold?

Covering your ears
Ceasing the light in your eyes

Tearing down walls that all along were lies
You are beautiful
You are strong
You are more than you have known all along

Written By
Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright Protected 2017



Confused and delayed
A mission of complete dismay
One which should have never taken place
But now it is too late
Mission accomplished
and all too late
Too late to covet thy neighbor
No sorrow in lost gems
Only the stars can shine this bright
You are only a dot in a pattern of lies
Ones you believed

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2016

No Consciente

Confusión y retraso
A misión de completa consternación
uno que nunca debería haber tenido lugar
pero ahora es demasiado tarde
misión cumplida
todo demasiado tarde demasiado tarde a no codiciar a tu vecino
dolor perdido gemas
que sólo las estrellas pueden brillar esta brillante
estás a sólo un punto en un patrón de mentiras
que usted cree

Escrito Por Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2016


Be present with those words: I Love You
Don’t just speak it
Wear it
Sing it
Cry it
Clean it
Cook it
Work it
Sweep it
Mop it
Wash it
Slam it
Keep it
Shine it
Carry it
Move it
Design it
Feature it
Ring-the-door-bell it
Flower it
Shower it
Passion it
Whisper it
Mourn it
Celebrate it
Contour it
Shelter it
Guard it
Recognize its absent it
Remember it
Shout it
Spell it
Spill it
Wipe-it-up it
Forgive it
Live it

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2016

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Needle and Thread

Pulling thread through a needle takes a moment, they say
So as she delicately threaded
She beheaded all the thoughts which came to her mind

Taunting words – many were unkind

Folded in her memory
Neatly stacked and unrhymed
One by one she began to unfold where a happy heart could eventually mold

Moments go by and there she is
Nimble with a bit of wit
No ailing to her humble motif
This woman cannot falter
Her faith and love are greater
More than she knows to ever hold true

Oh sweet and somber you

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2016

By Morning

Sometimes forgetting where you are or once were is a glorious thing

Find refuge in those you wholeheartedly trust

Crawling is more meaningful than walking on glass

Stones leave marks on the heart of the earth

Turning a new leaf can sting
But just for a little while

You’ll be new by morning

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2016