Big, Bold, and Beautiful Woman

Chasing down a cab only to be rejected
Clouds of dreams
Turned in and detected
Nothing to whine about she remains calm, cool, and collected
Devoured heart
Drenched and burned
Light and loved
Ripped and torn
Fancy silk putting her back together again
Soul who loves and wants
A cry you can hear forever
One who loves to laugh
and sometimes cry
Fueled remedies she anxiously awaits to share
A tool box of glistening and rusty tools
All her time – there for you


73 Years Old

A coffin doesn’t scream as loud when you allow the ears of your soul to block out the noise

Peace strengthens a lost child of 73 years old

One who still yearns for her mother

A mother she loved

Yet she never told

A 73 year-old daughter cries at night when no one else sees

Recipes she cooks – only to feel closer

Her mother

Death she suffered by a careless hand

Breathe free beautiful one

The Son who loves

He forgives

Leaving nothing else for you to dig

Written By
Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2017

All Along

Moments –
Some come in
Some leave too soon

How long will one be around to hold?

Covering your ears
Ceasing the light in your eyes

Tearing down walls that all along were lies
You are beautiful
You are strong
You are more than you have known all along

Written By
Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright Protected 2017

No Title

Sometimes there are no titles in life

We all bump into walls

And some of us feel the pain instantly

While others don’t notice their bruises – until years have gone by

What is the title of your life

Do you have one?

Do you want one?

Or, is your life content in the story of your own — With no need of a title

~ Elizabeth

Copyright 2016



I remember you
I can see right through
I remember that I need to stop and smell the roses once in a while
I forget to do just that
I fall in love
I fall out of love
I listen to the wind blow
I cross your mind
You are kicked out of mine
I live
I give
We fade away
The colors all come back to me
I forget to look at the moon
The day talks back to me
I begin all over again
Is a new and better day

By Elizabeth Mendiola