73 Years Old

A coffin doesn’t scream as loud when you allow the ears of your soul to block out the noise

Peace strengthens a lost child of 73 years old

One who still yearns for her mother

A mother she loved

Yet she never told

A 73 year-old daughter cries at night when no one else sees

Recipes she cooks – only to feel closer

Her mother

Death she suffered by a careless hand

Breathe free beautiful one

The Son who loves

He forgives

Leaving nothing else for you to dig

Written By
Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2017


My Feet Will Fail

Photo Credit: http://www.endalldisease.com

Crushed and broken
Too busy to be scared
Searching yet never finding
Looking for a place to rest
I’m looking for someone to comfort me
In hopes to tell me it will all be okay

But he is nowhere to be found

Exhausted and confused
I keep stumbling in the dark desperately trying to create my own light
I wait for it to shine
But it is all still dark – very dark
Where is my help
There are no friends
All have vanished

Lonely, I kneel to find Him

He is still there – waiting for me
He has been waiting on me
Watching me bang my head over and over again
Dripping sweat and tears for no relevant reason at all
I was so blind
Full of pride
Full of me

I feel Him now – He never did leave me – I would have left me

My one and only hope – He is the light I have been missing
Neglecting, rather
My tears flood the room I sit in
I ask Him if He still loved me even after all of this
He then showed me an even greater love – vast love
A love only He can give

I feel peace in Him

I’m no longer tired of walking nor am I afraid – He is still there
Sitting in the dark – He stands by me, guarding me, loving me
Desperation – gone
Confusion – no more
Tired – He gives me strength to keep walking where my feet fail

Written by
Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014

Poem – Untitled

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing
Lightweight and blessed
One suddenly feels for the first time what it means to be caressed
Counting the days and feeling angry
A bitterness which tortures you daily
Don’t let it
Breathe in
And then out
No more wars
Let someone in
And love who you are again
Pick up your pen
Write that note
The person you are writing to
Greatly deserves it
They have waited very long
Do it before it is too late

Written by Elizabeth Mendiola