How do you know when something or someone is justifiably right for you?

You go after it

But it just so happens to catch you first

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2017


Like Glass

A mother’s heartache many can tell

A feel like glass

Tiny pieces you throw

Spiteful words tauntingly picked from your tree

All aimed at me


The one who chose to give you life


The one who cried until 3

Surfaced by the line of bees waiting for me

Dodging forward and moving ahead

I’d go through it all all over again


The one who loves you

More than she loves herself

© Elizabeth Mendiola 2015

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A wise man once said to me – “It’s easier to be nice.”
And he was right.
I have kept these words closely tucked in to the very heart of me.
It would be wonderful if others chose to do this very same thing.

Sleep well and sweet dreams to you out there.