Sometimes There’s a Knock

I continue to sail

the tides are viciously high and unforgiving at times

they turn with blurred notice

mistakes feel as lost burdens with no where to go

drifting they sail

They can show up at your door with a silent knock

and then they allow theirselves in



I have known love before

It was kind, sweet, and cherished

charged with reverence and compressed loyalty

love sails on, too

sometimes it comes knocking on your door silently

and then

It let’s itself in

The knock can be subtle

And sometimes, Love will knock doors down

Hopefully, you can invite it in

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes There’s a Knock

  1. Beautifully written Elizabeth and so true. Our past does have a way of returning from time to time. But as you say, when love knocks it is always best if we can let it in. 🙂

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