Daydream – Two

Rowing towards a tale 

I will continue to set sail 

Loving you was utterly meant and ever so well 

The dark of you shines bright and breaks my soul in two 

Divine and wishful thinking 

All in the color blue

I’ll swim deep I will swim wide

Always and only for you  

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015



4 thoughts on “Daydream – Two

  1. Hello Elizabeth, I always enjoy your poetry. For some reason I do not understand I have a problem getting back to your site. I can not track back through WP notifications, only through Emails. Just an FYI. It’s always worth the effort to read your work. Smiles….

    1. Hi, Steve. Thank you for the very kind remarks. I have issues as well accessing everyone’s work. I appreciate you going through all the trouble just to read my poetry. I truly enjoy reading your work. You’re talented, no doubt 🙂

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