I wanted to hug you tighter
and for so much longer than I did

In my eyes, I see a sweet boy
Your big brown eyes
Your smile that wrings my heart into a crinkle every time
Do you know how much I love you?

Don’t talk about yourself that way
You are bright and oh-so-smart!
Your mind is one which THINKS
How amazing is that?

Be kind
I wish I could show you how to love from all that I know which comes from above
Love the you, oh David
Love who you are
For you are a grand apple to my eye
A blessing to complete one of the missing pieces in my life

I wish I could tell you now just how amazing and wonderful I think you are
You are gone now
You moved away
I may never see you again
And this makes my heart feel as heavy as clay
Oh, David

Dear sweet David,
Promise me you will be good
Promise me you will try
Promise me you will build grit and never, ever give up on you
Promise you will not explode when someone disrupts your mold
Promise me you will grow and thrive into the incredible young man I believe you are growing up to be
Promise me you will love – even when you don’t want to – all those around you who love you
Promise me you will ask for help when you need it, shake off that pride boy!
Promise me you will fight for what you believe in and all which is right

David, sweet David,
You are loved
You are cared for
You are cherished
You are missed
You are cried over
You are wondrous
You are amazing!
You are special!
You are a permanent part of my heart

David, sweet David,
I. Love. You.

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2015

*****Written for a former student. I hope his next group of teachers see just how awesome and beautiful this kid is. I promise he’s not the “thug” one(s) may label him to be.******

Thank you.


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