Momma’s Going to buy you a Mockingbird.

ray shannon spicer

In my heart, I wish for life to flourish and for vitality to reign.

Yet my hand only brings destruction and pain.

I look around and see others with their family

Their smiles abound. They live so happily

But I am away from everything I ever knew as home

I sit in the darkness and cry all alone

A dream was given to me, possibly a sign

Forecasting the departure of this mother of mine

The pain in my heart, she has lost her faith

Do not take her yet, Father please wait.

What am I to do, what can I say.

After all, I am just her little Ray

My prayer is that when her time finally comes

Her little Ray led her to the Son.

Jesus be with her and me as well

Give my mother the faith to escape from hell

As she fades slowly, I stare…

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