To Care Less is Careless

Leave everything better than you found it, including people.
I believe this to be true.
Even when it costs a little more than you can chew.
It’s simply easier to be kind, is what I’ve discovered. We all know those who can practice this just a tiny bit more, yes? To care for another human being should come as second nature. It shouldn’t require such pro-longed, intricate thought. However, this time around in life I witness apathy everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It’s present at work, in our schools, grocery stores, – you name it, apathy is there. And it seems to have become a popular thing, if you will. “Congratulations, you are our new apathetic winner!” “Apathy for sale! Buy one and receive another absolutely free!”
Where are our hearts and how can we get them back….to feeling, something, once again?

Identify it.

Elizabeth Mendiola


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