That girl
she’s all over the place
There is no way you can ever keep up with her pace
She dwindles and speeds up if she sees you coming
She loves you, though
Don’t fret her youthful cry
It’s her nightly lullaby
Her poem within a poem
You can never truly tell which way she is going
All you have to do is follow
and trust
After while
When you least expect it
She will reach for your hand and glide with you
Wherever it is you want to go, she will go
And laugh with you

Tell her your name
and walk the stairs all at once
She loves thunder
Especially at night
When you are supposed to be sleeping
This is when she quietly and earnestly watches you
As you sleep
Can you feel her coming back again
She is everywhere and gone
If you ask her to stay
She will only leave again
What a hushful heart that girl
So passive and in the middle of nowhere she goes
Yet it is her happy place
A place where only she can go
There is space for none else
Her moods barley fit
Her dreams set appointments
Oh that girl
She is everywhere

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014


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