No Pride

He forgave her because
Even more than he loved himself

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014



2 thoughts on “No Pride

  1. A few things, first of all thank you so much for extensively checking out my blog. I have been thinking of “pride” and self-esteem and humiliation. What all that means to me. Trying to keep myself in check, that overblown ego I can get, like I am Mohammed Ali screaming I am the greatest. Then the flip side of it where I am the worst, or I become envious of others gifts and talents. So I suppose, humility is accepting myself as I am, good and bad and mediocre, in relation before what I call “god” who is directing my part in the play of life. All this has been swimming around in my mind and I was considering emailing a friend on the matter, ended up typing it to you. thank you for your time!

  2. You are very welcomed, Ted. And, thank you for viewing my blog as well. I believe we all wrestle at times with keeping balance in life, especially when it comes to accepting ourselves “as is.” Thankfully, we are human 😉

    P.S. Humility is a beautiful thing to have and to be.

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