Good Night

No one says goodnight anymore
Have you ever wondered why?
Perhaps it is no longer popular
Maybe it has lost its meaning in some way
Perhaps one is afraid to never wake-up
Sleep isn’t sleep without those sweet words of closure, “Good night”
A phrase we all need
One that is nice to hear
It carries you to your next dream
Good night love

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014


En Espanol:

Buenas Noches

Ya nadie dice buenas noches
¿Te has preguntado por qué?
Tal vez ya no es popular
Tal vez ha perdido su significado de alguna manera
Tal vez uno tiene miedo de nunca despertar
Dormir no es sueño sin esas dulces palabras de clausura, “Buenas noches”
Una frase que todos necesitamos
Que es lindo escuchar
Te lleva a tu sueño
Buenas noches amor

Por Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014


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