Isaiah Writes

Cartoon-like words
I sit on the edge of his bed to read his story
My heart is sparkling – I wish you could see it
His writing
Neat and simple with the perfect touch of elegance
I imagine his bountiful brown eyes dancing on the page as he writes away
His mind ballooning images throughout
He can barely contain his thoughts
He smiles
I know he does
There is a shadow of his gleam clear across the page
He is so proud
And, so am I
But, he didn’t finish the rest of the story
He never completed it
I cling to the paper in hopes to capture the rest of his words
What happened?
You can’t stop now – where is the rest?!
Almost immediately, I figured out why
Why he stopped here
He wrote his perfect part I, you see
Only for his Mama to continue what he wanted it to be
This is his gift to me
Isaiah writes!

Written By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014


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