My Feet Will Fail

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Crushed and broken
Too busy to be scared
Searching yet never finding
Looking for a place to rest
I’m looking for someone to comfort me
In hopes to tell me it will all be okay

But he is nowhere to be found

Exhausted and confused
I keep stumbling in the dark desperately trying to create my own light
I wait for it to shine
But it is all still dark – very dark
Where is my help
There are no friends
All have vanished

Lonely, I kneel to find Him

He is still there – waiting for me
He has been waiting on me
Watching me bang my head over and over again
Dripping sweat and tears for no relevant reason at all
I was so blind
Full of pride
Full of me

I feel Him now – He never did leave me – I would have left me

My one and only hope – He is the light I have been missing
Neglecting, rather
My tears flood the room I sit in
I ask Him if He still loved me even after all of this
He then showed me an even greater love – vast love
A love only He can give

I feel peace in Him

I’m no longer tired of walking nor am I afraid – He is still there
Sitting in the dark – He stands by me, guarding me, loving me
Desperation – gone
Confusion – no more
Tired – He gives me strength to keep walking where my feet fail

Written by
Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014


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