Over curbs and deserted streets
I still watch for cars
I thought I heard one down the way
But it was just a boy
Rambling some funky beat with his bass drum
I see a girl
She’s dressed in pink
I see her watching me
Her eyes are sad
She seems eager
The way I used to be
Her hair is kinky and natural
A bare beauty of what is real and unique
She still watches me
After crossing
I turn back to look
And I see her
I feel a deep sadness for the girl
I want to know her name
I want to tell her it will be okay and not to be afraid
Because change is coming
Crossing over is never easy
But it’s possible all the same
Once you have reached the other side
Your life will still be there
And you can then, and finally, claim your fame
Hold onto your light
You deserve all that is bright
And, pink, – is definitely your color

By Elizabeth Mendiola


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