“Like the Weather”

Palabras y Café


I haven’t heard this song in a while and although it’s about a cold, gray, and rainy day, I find it enchanting, mystical, and even somewhat, romantic.– Sometimes, this is my favorite kind of day to have. For some reason, this song just does it for me whenever I hear it, with its hip and jovial beat. It’s simply one of those “feel good” songs for whenever I’m having one of those metaphorically cold, dark, and rainy, days, wondering where the sun is… or, it can even be a great jump-start to my hike. Either way, I appreciate the smile it brings on.

There is always a ray of promise and beauty after every storm, right? I mean, we hear this all of the time, yet do we truly believe in it? Faith during our darker times is something which seems to be diminishing from within our lives, and it makes me sad. It almost seems easier to give in to the melancholy…

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