No More Pencils

I’m more than ready
No more teaching to the test
They need to learn all the rest!
So, please let us demonstrate our best
You only see the worst
Then magnify it before our eyes
You’re a dragon in disguise
A follower of flies

Can’t you see We love them all
We are mothers and fathers
all day long
Missionaries who believe in healing

Have you talked with a student today?
Or do you still claim them by number?
You should know who they are
And they should know more than your name
Now would you please place a halt in your claim to fame
Stop running around blowing everyone’s light out

Your burning your very own bridge
While attempting to keep balance on the ashes you create
You’ve lost count of all the lashes
However, we count the scars you’ve left behind
Your sheep are lost and more than weary
Can you extend a kind word? Please give a moment to look our way
We are human
We come with crates full of hopes, excitement, and sometimes, failure

Nailing our failures to the wall
Paper cuts you give
And then a lemon to forgive
We jerk from the sting
You smile and then bring
More to do
Hurdles to jump
We have no more legs
For all we have left are limbs like stumps

Tears cried
Stories shared
Hoping for someone to see the signals of help
A desperation of escape is what is swallowed and breathed just to make it another day

I’m blessed with an option
And hurt for those who are trapped in your maze
“Don’t give up on you…” I say
And cry inside as I walk away

Dear God
Help them
Help us
Hold the children
All we love
May we Keep it together
My season here is coming to end
And this I know
I have given my all
All my passion
All my heart
All my love


By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014


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