Oh, My Whitman ~

(Photo credit: Lawrencespencer.com)

Realizing I’m human feels good to embrace
Are you human enough to admit you too are…human?

I heard Mr. Whitman speak today, and oh, how he reminded me once again what life is, and should be, when we allow ourselves to step into the trenches of humanity

Liberation – in its absolute finest hour, dines with me tonight
Handsome traces of red wine drip from the sides of our mouths as we glean among social graces.

Men are intriguing
Women are beautiful
And the older ones are even “More beautiful”

Every time you come around – I forget where I am
This is how another should make one feel inside
Right down to the very nectar which bastes inside

Green hills refuse to roll
Unless, you are right there, beside them

Loneliness is a best friend
Greed will dig your grave at a fast pace
Love is the greatest pain you will ever know

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2013


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