The Gardener’s Pink Rose

Legends speak of times and places I have never been, yet wish to be

Their gardens are unusual with a blatant splash of green

Soiled-top castles line the work of a gardenner who hums while he loves his flower so deep

hmmmm ~ hmmmmm ~ hmmmmmmmmm

I hear him from below the silt rock where I lay – bare and savored

His eloquence is revealed through the blooming lush of petals opening with a moisture only he can feel and describe

A solid, soft bed of pink roses glistens with precipitation from his performance

Pink petals smile while he hovers above

Embracing his magnetic and pulsating tilt of labor

Pink flowers reach for the hands of their creator

An all-embracing, liberating moment

One only the gardener and a pink rose will ever know

By Elizabeth Mendiola

Copyright 2013


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