A Soul’s Reunion

Palabras y Café

When I feel the breath of my own heart
I tell stories for hours without ceasing
I feel the storm flooding into the mind which feeds me
Tall tales screaming for the attention of ears to listen

Enchantment owns you once you are captured
Nightmares disappear
Flowers develop petals of love, envy, strife, anger, ability, strength, and hope
Tears keep them watered

Devastation is the key to imagination
One must know how to survive
Hearts speak forever
Even if the soul dies
Daring men are noble
They tell no lies

Genius is the function to chaos
People live under a roof of terror by choice
Signs are given everywhere
But we never see them
They are almost stagnant – yet ignored

Bravery is fought for
Freedom comes when you finally let go
Surviving is a daily chore for the mind
Attributing is a challenge for the flesh
Sometimes you feel…

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