October Night to Remember

Palabras y Café

October Night to Remember

Inevitably unavoidable
I wanted him
Fear faded when he touched my skin
A pleasurable warmth with a thousand views from within the soul
Injecting with his intoxicating wine bestows a rush through my blood stream

Pleasure creating tears too thick to run down
I close my eyes and I can still see him
The dampness from flesh is ours
And we love the feeling it gives

Memorable strokes of bliss with just the precise measure of pain that makes me smile
He makes me want to stay awhile…
For more
I feel his breath and kisses
Loving, as if I may never see him again helps to release my body

And, If we never do
We will always have a night to remember
Wherever I am he is there tonight and maybe for another
I still feel him inside and remember the drip of his dew

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