Crazy and Love


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These are things we should learn in school
But I’m not crazy
People should know the “truth”
Sanity is insane
My sweet little brother was killed
Stupid doctors
They damage people
Social security took too long – why?
I could have saved him and dream later

Men loved me
They wanted to marry me
Thin and pretty – me
No weight gain and when I did, I hated the fat.

My beautiful, wonderful and precious children
I really did love them
They need to know and this will tell them
No more reporting
I am tired of the shock
And they all hate me
They lie
They lie
They lie

Job is work
I work
I tell the truth
And I get fired
Fired for telling the truth as I see it
You have no clue who he is
He is no good
He is mean
And I was beaten
But he loved me
I gave fair warning of all the others loving me if he didn’t

The “so called mental hospital”
My life in its revolving door
In and out
Around and back again and again
Thank God for the end of shock
I can breathe

I gave everything to live
Even sold my blood nearly dying
All for love and life
I’m not crazy
Sanity is insane
They just don’t realize it
You do not realize it

I never meant to hurt anyone
I only wanted to keep warm
I wanted everything that lived outside to keep warm too
I think you are crazy for calling me crazy
The men with badges help no one
The no one are the good deserving people
You lost
You just don’t know it
You are wasting your time sending me through the revolving door

I’m not crazy
Insanity is sane
Let me begin by telling you why they were wrong:


By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2013


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