Your face
The way your eyebrows stand when I walk into your room
Blue eyes – they’re staggering and how I wish they could be still
for at least a moment so I could see you

Please, be still

Our moments together have been too few
and I think it is a sin
Shame on the vast amount of time we’ve been given
Wasting verses over and over again
Those words crumble before pressing send
A wasted love
A real good, real-life love

Where did you go?

I saw you, but you weren’t there
and then you drowned

Finally seeing me, you rose above the caked-up water
Residue, brown and green slid down from your hair and face

And you breathe
And you look at me

Seeing your still eyes for the first time frightens me a little
I think you noticed, because you’re staggering again

Tell me, what are we missing to connect?
To hell with opposites attract


It’s there
I believe it
Our feelings never pass
We remain, yet vanish every time

Come back
I’ll stay, I promise

By Elizabeth Mendiola


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