Inner Beauty

Going for walks is something she craves but sometimes, she forgets to take the first step out and away, because she’s caught up doing everything else, for everyone else

However, in those moments – those lovely, silent moments of solitude, is where she finds herself all over again
Here is where rejuvenation exists and babies are formed

A woman’s heart is a crazy place
Inside you can find: Love, fear, devotion, courage, faith, doubt, turmoil, strength, joy, overwhelming delight, and sometimes, confusion

She can be a rock-star, lover, and cry-baby all rolled up into one – fascinating, isn’t she?
Go ahead and touch her – she won’t break.

Her strength, no man will ever know, for even to him it looks like a dangerous and populated place
He takes a step back and marvels with watery eyes wanting to hold her, but he doesn’t know how

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2013


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