Sheltered Maze 

Sheltered Maze

Do you believe me when I say I love you?
Or is it read like a myth?
I hear rhymes and stories of white, snowy days painted like an aura of romance
But what about the cold, dark ones which seem to never end, and then night falls

Where do your thoughts go when I leave the room?
Am I still with you?
Do I remain in your mind, or do you daydream like me,… for something better?
I picture myself walking up and down the lonely halls of your mind
This is where you keep me, to roam free
But I never do see you
I can only hear your voice

Are your wishes pure and clean?
Ice chills where we lie
In a wobbled bed of divide
Why are we here and where are we going?
I assume we are both waiting for an explosion to slay the matter of what “We” are

Wild people roam free, but not us, we wouldn’t dare
We are a brindle of stealth coats made up of lust and duplicity
The mind doesn’t know how to keep still
And she won’t
Closing the door behind me, I find myself in your never-ending hallway
Here, I walk and then, I run
I run away from you, except you prefer to keep me here
And I don’t know why

By Elizabeth Mendiola
© 2013


2 thoughts on “Sheltered Maze 

  1. So well you express feelings I’ve had and the explosion did come and “we” painfully disappeared. Keep sharing. And yes I think about her every day

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