DMB continued…

So, I am able to buy a ticket to go to this concert. I rush to leave work to drive nearly 2 hours in hopes to arrive to the venue on time… within minutes of my drive,I receive an email that the event has been cancelled due to a severe weather warning which, I completely understand of course. I turn back around to return home and I do, safe and sound. — Lucky for me, I would only need to wait a precious 24 hours to get back on the road to see the DMB. Well folks, it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, I was stricken with a mild stomach bug, yet it was strong enough to keep me home. I nearly teared up for a moment – I love this band, ya know. However, I was able to keep it together.  Ahh well, that’s how it goes sometimes. I’ll catch those guys in all their glory, one of these days. – “What would you say?”


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