Eat Some Cake

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Today, began like a gorgeous ruffled cake being catered to the favorite place in your mind, only to be accidentally dropped at the door step of your happy heart. Your mood just went from delightful and warm, to a moody and morose one. You just never know who or what is going to crash your day’s private party called life. — You can plan your days as you see fit to your nearest and perfect desire, yet, things can happen so quickly along with a simultaneous slow-motion that brings you to this rear-view mirror, where you discreetly watch everything unfold. Did you see what just happened and why did it have to happen to you? Nevertheless, in life for some universal reason, certain situations are  simply meant to happen this way. Why? I wish I could tell you however, I believe there is a map of reasons which can lead to some of the answers for the why’s in our content and sometimes, disconcerted life. I hear all too often stories from people who complain about their lives and wonder what they’re doing wrong to, “Deserve this?” – The natural optimistic in me usually comes through and to the rescue, in hopes to make an individual feel better about whatever it is he or she may be going through. However, a thought came to me today which made me think even deeper into why we probably shouldn’t ponder too long when questioning the why’s in life. No, you’re right, it is not always fair but what can we truly do about situations which are inescapably out of our control? I do believe we can still have our cake and it too, even when its fallen to the ground and all mashed up. Why not? Resilience at its best.

One thing I have learned is to simply accept the unexpected waves of life which, at times, can appear beautiful and ruffled, like today’s cake. At times, we are so eager to take that first bite, or better yet, just to feel the gentle, smooth sliver as you slice into it, creates a satisfying feeling all by itself; because you see, life is supposed to feel this way, right? Well as you and I all know, It doesn’t always happen as we wish for, but when the cake falls in your life, why not just have a bite of it and move on. Eventually, we will take our steps into the next day, and another, and another.

So, if you’re having a rough day today, as I have,  trust that there is an answer out there and in time, it may be perfectly revealed to you, then again, perhaps not. Whatever you do, don’t  allow this to place you in an unbalanced place where you see no way out. Things can and will get better if you can see beyond the spills of life. Move forward, and dive into that endearing “3 (or 5) second rule” and take a nibble, a bite, or have seconds of that dropped, messy cake. It will still  taste just as good.——  I’ll have a glass of milk with mine, please, non-fat.


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