Smile for Delia

Nearly losing my mother to colon cancer last year, I have been on pins and needles wondering what the results were on the colon polyp discovered during her colonoscopy over a week ago. My mother’s results recently came back negative and I can finally breathe again. Sleep will be even better tonight knowing that tomorrow for Mother’s Day, I can give my beautiful madrecita a big, long hug, tell her, ” I love you, mom,” and maybe cry a little. ——— I’m learning something new every moment I am alive about gratitude. We never truly know when life will tap us on the shoulder and announce that it’s time to go.

Living today for uncertain tomorrows is a wonder all its own. I will never, ever be “ready” for when the time comes for my sweet mother to leave this place she calls home, in order to be an angel in a greater place, and perhaps I am purposely selfish for this. I can only hope to be the absolute best daughter I can be for the woman who decided to bring me into this world, flesh and all. This strong woman has been both mother and father to me, and sometimes, I forget that. I forget how amazing and wondrous my mother is for taking on such a strong-willed daughter such as myself, and still love me along the entire way. I admire her for all she is and stands for; her strength is a maze I will never figure out. I know no one else more brave or more caring as my mother. She is, and will always remain, the steadfast pillar of my being.

My smile has my mother’s name written all over it. Te quiero Mama!

Mama Y Yo


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