A Man and His Ocean

A Man and His Ocean

Pablo Neruda wrote lavishly about love, skin, desire, heartache, moments of triumph, and raw romance, among so much else. His enthralling written work in reverence to the ocean immediately captivated me, no doubt. I have read and re-read his immaculate, tantalizing works of art, which have no stain of cliché whatsoever. I can honestly feel myself near this ocean he writes so eloquently about; I feel my feet, being gently caressed  by the waves of passion and sometimes, remorse —- the ocean changes. The waves can change into a love I once knew and remember so well, fast-forwarding to the Love I know and cherish today, and there is always a scent of familiarity present in the room of my mind; like your favorite guest who is charmingly, on time. I’m always saddened when he has to go.


3 thoughts on “A Man and His Ocean

  1. He’s a great one….I always admired his way of writing…expressing love, desires, feel, sensation of touch, heart aches and affections, all the romance and the inner feelings, he painted so intensely and beautifully……!!

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