In Secure Arms

You slipped into your final goodnight in exchange for countless glory days 

To Him, you can now and forever sing praise

We all here miss you

We cry and laugh as we reminisce 

You’re already sorely missed

With us, you left your smile 

A stretched out gleam

We will never be without 

We Love you

See you soon, Geraldo. 

(In loving memory of my cousin who  passed away this week)

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015    

Honey, Let’s Dance

Busy bees can climb trees too, you know 

Feathers weigh more than dazzled miracles – for they are what make us get up and move

Stand up and dance alone in your room

Don’t even think about picking up that broom 

Comb your hair 

Put your best make-up on 

And slip into  

 your favorite sexy dress

Grab your keys and open the door 

Those bad memories are no more

Turn and twist

And don’t forget to blow a kiss

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015

Within Warmth

For all my days remain here

A foreign cry with dark angels
No one loves in pure fashion
A coveted face
One of uncertainty comes around daily
Showing signs of love and remorse

Seeking a newness that can help one crawl out of a dark pitted pot
Come here
Come closer
And shine your light on me
Your warmth misses my yearn

Come here
Come Closer

Written By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2015