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The One I Love -By David Gray

No Title

Sometimes there are no titles in life

We all bump into walls

And some of us feel the pain instantly

While others don’t notice their bruises – until years have gone by

What is the title of your life

Do you have one?

Do you want one?

Or, is your life content in the story of your own — With no need of a title

~ Elizabeth

Copyright 2016



My skin bares witness to a caress
One of great fire and depth
As stones roll on sides of mountains,
Love gently tumbles
Unimaginable delight
Steam felt from his breath shades my lips
One can only gorge on a love like this

Mi piel desnuda testigo de una caricia
una de profundidad y gran incendio
Como piedras en laderas de montañas,
Amor da vueltas
Suavemente Delicia inimaginable
Vapor sentía de sus tonos de aliento mis labios
Uno sólo puede hartarse de un amor como este

~ Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2015

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When I write to you

I write in silence

For I need all the space within the universe to tell you
Just how much I Love You

(For The Love of my life)

~Elizabeth ©2015



The Lover (part I of The Lovers)

Source: The Lover (part I of The Lovers)


Embedded with thoughts of you
Our aroma lingers in my new place of space
I’m walking forward but going nowhere
I find myself still here with you
Maybe I’m trying too hard
Maybe you do Love me with a “capital L”

I’ll keep walking
Perhaps I’ll end up somewhere
Hopefully Love will reach its hand out with a firm grasp toward me
I look around and see only me
I feel you there
But I’m still alone

Written by Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015



Look for me

And find me

After you have found yourself

You must find yourself first


I will still be here

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015

Like Glass

A mother’s heartache many can tell

A feel like glass

Tiny pieces you throw

Spiteful words tauntingly picked from your tree

All aimed at me


The one who chose to give you life


The one who cried until 3

Surfaced by the line of bees waiting for me

Dodging forward and moving ahead

I’d go through it all all over again


The one who loves you

More than she loves herself

© Elizabeth Mendiola 2015

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I wonder when you’ll leave

But you haven’t gone yet

Fleeing from myself is where I find you

A cold, colorless day

Compelled by your warm heart

© Elizabeth Mendiola 2015

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