Daydream – Two

Rowing towards a tale 

I will continue to set sail 

Loving you was utterly meant and ever so well 

The dark of you shines bright and breaks my soul in two 

Divine and wishful thinking 

All in the color blue

I’ll swim deep I will swim wide

Always and only for you  

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015


Daydream – One 

Meadow leaves from churning trees 

Larks who were once in flight are remembering the night 

Like a nest of provoked bees, fluttered hearts run rampant 

Gilded butterflies wait no more – they float quietly to their favorite store

A kiss in the moonlight lasts forever

Shadows tell secrets no one else could ever know

Whispers haunt those with an eavesdrop ear

Patience awaits with her open gait and a cup of tea for two

I wouldn’t be late if I were you

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015 



Pull through little Lou

For you are loved and cared for in so many ways

You brighten our days 

And allay our nights

Now is the time to prepare your fight

With love and adoration, we cling to you 

Our sweet and precious little Lou 

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015