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The Lover (part I of The Lovers)

Source: The Lover (part I of The Lovers)


Embedded with thoughts of you
Our aroma lingers in my new place of space
I’m walking forward but going nowhere
I find myself still here with you
Maybe I’m trying too hard
Maybe you do Love me with a “capital L”

I’ll keep walking
Perhaps I’ll end up somewhere
Hopefully Love will reach its hand out with a firm grasp toward me
I look around and see only me
I feel you there
But I’m still alone

Written by Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015



Look for me

And find me

After you have found yourself

You must find yourself first


I will still be here

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015

Like Glass

A mother’s heartache many can tell

A feel like glass

Tiny pieces you throw

Spiteful words tauntingly picked from your tree

All aimed at me


The one who chose to give you life


The one who cried until 3

Surfaced by the line of bees waiting for me

Dodging forward and moving ahead

I’d go through it all all over again


The one who loves you

More than she loves herself

© Elizabeth Mendiola 2015

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I wonder when you’ll leave

But you haven’t gone yet

Fleeing from myself is where I find you

A cold, colorless day

Compelled by your warm heart

© Elizabeth Mendiola 2015

Separate and Apart

She feels alone now

But not nearly as alone when she was with him

© Elizabeth Mendiola 2015


Love doesn’t fit in a perfect square. It will eventually seep through.

© Elizabeth Mendiola 2015

All at Once

imageHave you ever felt you are finally where you are meant to be?

It is the most free a person can feel all at once

No regrets

No shame

All damage is healed

And breathing begins

Cheers, friends.

By Elizabeth Mendiola

Don’t Forget Her


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She works hard all day and came home to make you dinner

Although you were grateful you still did not see her

She cleaned the house and set fresh flowers on the table

Creating a cozy haven for you to come home to after a long day

You saw the flowers but you still did not see her

She wore your favorite dress in hopes to once again impress, but all the way to the car, and from the restaurant returning back home again… You still did not see her

Every day she sits and she waits

Yet, you still do not see her

A few years have gone by

And one day she found herself looking at herself

With a tear and a smile she saw herself

And you haven’t seen her since

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015

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