San Marcos

Originally posted on Palabras y Café:
Our days and nights were beautiful They were perfect I never wanted to leave this place Here I felt my heart take its lullaby pace A passion the color of crimson Our bodies creating an embracing paste; we let nothing, not a drop go to waste Destiny shines here Where we are Where we want to be San Marcos Come back to me By…


Build in me 

  Build in me   A love Mild and keen Rich in greatness And when you think of me you will see all our colors  So vivid, so bright  One has never seen such a light  A prism of colors climbing higher than all of the existing mountain tops combined  I touch you  For the first time, I touch you  Your skin is as real as in my dream  Build…


Breeze by Me

Come breeze by me Love then love again Tell me I’m your friend The one you dream about as you sleep  Tell me it’s my heart you want to keep Quiver in ways only we can reap  Say goodbye to the distance And then come closer Stay Stay here  Right here with me Breeze by me By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015 Photo credit:

Balloons and Clouds 

You’re a beautiful blue piercing through the sky Your red shine soars above the troubles of the world  Your yellow reminds me that you are my Sunshine Boy Your green invokes a joy in me – one only you can provide  Your dashing colors  They set me free I’m no longer one For you are now with me (For Isaiah) By Elizabeth Mendiola ©2015