Momma’s Going to buy you a Mockingbird.

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In my heart, I wish for life to flourish and for vitality to reign.

Yet my hand only brings destruction and pain.

I look around and see others with their family

Their smiles abound. They live so happily

But I am away from everything I ever knew as home

I sit in the darkness and cry all alone

A dream was given to me, possibly a sign

Forecasting the departure of this mother of mine

The pain in my heart, she has lost her faith

Do not take her yet, Father please wait.

What am I to do, what can I say.

After all, I am just her little Ray

My prayer is that when her time finally comes

Her little Ray led her to the Son.

Jesus be with her and me as well

Give my mother the faith to escape from hell

As she fades slowly, I stare…

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Lasting and still
Ready for new moments
With an inflamed heart
I reach out to you
Come, and tell me your name again
Do you remember sitting here with me
The bench
Near the theater
Loafers and argyle socks
The ones with blue and gray
The colors of your heart
I did all I could to reach you, I thought
But nothing appeared to work
A cold response greeted me by the window each and every time

You knocked on my door
To deliver a goodbye
But I was not home
A message in a bag is where I found you
A tied up bag with a few memories
All returned to a new glory

The five year mark has come and gone
And we are still, here
With nowhere to go
I’ll wait a while longer
I have a new penguin for you
I know they are…

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Disagree if you must
But do not hate

Turn the page when you are done
However, do not forget what you have read

Engulf in fury when you feel the need
But do not remain there

Weep when you can
But never hold your breath

Leave and search for new lands
But do not forget where you came from

Hurt because of the pain
But do not allow for it to happen again

Thrive in life at every possible moment
But do not forget to take a ride in the clouds

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014


A Man and His Ocean

Originally posted on Palabras y Café:

A Man and His Ocean

Pablo Neruda wrote lavishly about love, skin, desire, heartache, moments of triumph, and raw romance, among so much else. His enthralling written work in reverence to the ocean immediately captivated me, no doubt. I have read and re-read his immaculate, tantalizing works of art, which have no stain of cliché whatsoever . I can honestly feel myself near this ocean he writes so eloquently about; I feel my feet, being gently caressed  by the waves of passion and sometimes, remorse —- the ocean changes. The waves can change into a love I once knew and remember so well, fast-forwarding to the Love I know and cherish today, and there is always a scent of familiarity present in the room of my mind; like your favorite guest who is charmingly, on time. I’m always saddened when he has to go.

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To Care Less is Careless

Leave everything better than you found it, including people.
I believe this to be true.
Even when it costs a little more than you can chew.
It’s simply easier to be kind, is what I’ve discovered. We all know those who can practice this just a tiny bit more, yes? To care for another human being should come as second nature. It shouldn’t require such pro-longed, intricate thought. However, this time around in life I witness apathy everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It’s present at work, in our schools, grocery stores, – you name it, apathy is there. And it seems to have become a popular thing, if you will. “Congratulations, you are our new apathetic winner!” “Apathy for sale! Buy one and receive another absolutely free!”
Where are our hearts and how can we get them back….to feeling, something, once again?

Identify it.

Elizabeth Mendiola