Certainty can be a fictional tool and sometimes a picture of blasphemy to a human being

Patience is something I can no longer seek

I believe I have enough for both you

And me

Twirling thumbs

Are a sign of the times

Whispering notes of music

Can be an only way out

A joyous exit to peace

A primal code of freedom

The girth of my heart is far greater than you could ever know

No one has ever measured it

No one has ever taken the time to

There is no measure – only a reading

One you could never comprehend

Be blessed

And move along

As the rest

By Elizabeth Mendiola

Copyright 2014

Necessary Moments

Breathe again
Teach again
Sit – but only for a second
Search for growth and lost eyes
Always care
Hang On
Love the YOU

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014

Straight Lines and Jags

Upon her body lies a story
A chronicle of her time
There are lines
Some are perfect in their length and stare
Some are jagged with a roughness in their glare
A few you will know
And even predict
Yet you will never ask how she was whipped
Only a barrel
One with drips of water
Knows her every cue
Deep inside
Remain colors of blue
A remnant of yesterday
And maybe today
Her book to be told
Is greater than gold
For it will never be sold

Written by
Elizabeth Mendiola

It’s Past 4 O’clock

She may be waiting for the 4 o’clock hour to pass before she can say, “Yes” again

I believe she may have waited too long

Yet as time passes she continues to wait for a perfect moment to bloom up from somewhere

A sign for her, “Yes”

And everyday she is unsure if it exists, but she never loses faith in what could be

Hey, she

Make up your mind already

It’s past your bedtime

Written By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014

Unknown Love

I read about the death of a stranger’s loved one recently
I was rapidly moved by the picture of him and his lost loved one
It was as if I had seen them before
Perhaps somewhere in time we had a conversation
exchanged a few hellos

I really don’t know why I was internally moved to tears

Maybe because it was about his mother

I am a mother

and I Love my Sons with a Love no one truly knows or cares to know unless they too, are mothers

A mother’s Love runs deep
My heart cascades with a well known story — for them
My heart
My everything
I wish you could see and feel my heart now
A relish of specks which glow their names
The very presence of their being ignites

Written by Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014

Wind Chime

They come and go
Sometimes weak and sometimes strong
I dread the moments which are stronger than I
Intriguing feathers are light, yet painfully heavy upon my back where I carry you

Memories left to osculate
Pondering thoughts chime delicately as your wind blows through mind
I’m lifted all over again and rise in hopes not to whither
And if I do
I’ll return all over again
My essence of calm
My sleep
Deep, deep sleep
With you

Written by
Elizabeth Mendiola