A Man and His Ocean

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A Man and His Ocean

Pablo Neruda wrote lavishly about love, skin, desire, heartache, moments of triumph, and raw romance, among so much else. His enthralling written work in reverence to the ocean immediately captivated me, no doubt. I have read and re-read his immaculate, tantalizing works of art, which have no stain of cliché whatsoever . I can honestly feel myself near this ocean he writes so eloquently about; I feel my feet, being gently caressed  by the waves of passion and sometimes, remorse —- the ocean changes. The waves can change into a love I once knew and remember so well, fast-forwarding to the Love I know and cherish today, and there is always a scent of familiarity present in the room of my mind; like your favorite guest who is charmingly, on time. I’m always saddened when he has to go.

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To Care Less is Careless

Leave everything better than you found it, including people.
I believe this to be true.
Even when it costs a little more than you can chew.
It’s simply easier to be kind, is what I’ve discovered. We all know those who can practice this just a tiny bit more, yes? To care for another human being should come as second nature. It shouldn’t require such pro-longed, intricate thought. However, this time around in life I witness apathy everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It’s present at work, in our schools, grocery stores, – you name it, apathy is there. And it seems to have become a popular thing, if you will. “Congratulations, you are our new apathetic winner!” “Apathy for sale! Buy one and receive another absolutely free!”
Where are our hearts and how can we get them back….to feeling, something, once again?

Identify it.

Elizabeth Mendiola

You Love

When everything is going right
You love

When all is well
You love

When you are hurting and none oblige
You love

When you simply cannot take it anymore
You love

When all else fails and everyone leaves
You love

When you walk alone
In the storm
You love

When home is no longer a home
You love

When dreams wither through
You love

When air becomes stale and there’s none avail
You love

When your greatest strength is dipped in weakness
You love

When rejection is a common friend
You love

When faith gives you face
You love

You love
And you love again

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014


That girl
she’s all over the place
There is no way you can ever keep up with her pace
She dwindles and speeds up if she sees you coming
She loves you, though
Don’t fret her youthful cry
It’s her nightly lullaby
Her poem within a poem
You can never truly tell which way she is going
All you have to do is follow
and trust
After while
When you least expect it
She will reach for your hand and glide with you
Wherever it is you want to go, she will go
And laugh with you

Tell her your name
and walk the stairs all at once
She loves thunder
Especially at night
When you are supposed to be sleeping
This is when she quietly and earnestly watches you
As you sleep
Can you feel her coming back again
She is everywhere and gone
If you ask her to stay
She will only leave again
What a hushful heart that girl
So passive and in the middle of nowhere she goes
Yet it is her happy place
A place where only she can go
There is space for none else
Her moods barley fit
Her dreams set appointments
Oh that girl
She is everywhere

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014


A splash of cool water
On a day I crave warmth
Burns as it drips below my back
Sighing your name
A relentless voice within
Spills a goodnight in agony as she waits for you
Yet, you fail to reveal yourself
Why are you afraid to enter this safe and humble place?

End your creaking
Silence the bombing lisp from your tongue
Return the empty craters
Fill them with empty void
Then go about and walk your way to the end of the line
Here is where you will need to begin all over again

Written by
Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014


Wherever you are
I am there too
Although you never see me
Your touch is forever
Shaking as I feel all of you

Your resilience and warmth
A blooming bud of hope inside me keeps smiling
All for you
Only you

Enchantment is disgraced by your perfect face
A dandelion has lost its place
Uncovering years of sorrow
Remembering to cast out any left-over flaws
You come
You remember me
The one who gave you cause

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2014